The marketplace for Television Shows is bigger and endorsed by hundreds of TV Producers, TV Creators, AMAZON Studios, NETFLIX, Hulu, HBO, Starz, Showtime ABC, etc.,

The NYCTV Festival main goal is to promote independent competition TV Pilot, TV Shows & stablished which showcases independent to industry executives and producers, NETFLIX, hulu, HBOMax, NBC, FOX, Paramount, Hallmark, A&E and other networks, have all made regular appearances at the festival, pilots in the competition have received deals. In addition to the pilot competition, the festival hosts parties, Conversation, and other events concerned television as form of Art.

The New York City TV Festival (NYCTVF) is an annual event produced by the Foundation for the Arts & Film 501 (C) 3; Featuring top Films, TV Shows, TV Series from celebrated filmmakers as well as up-coming new talent from around the world.

We are in Renaissance of Television, The Best Time Ever! NYCTVF wants to support and promote new talented filmmakers with good TV Shows and feature films, for this reason we have created the New York TV Festival.

We have created new genres, to give more opportunities to filmmakers to explore other areas that are part of our daily life.

Filmmakers and their cast will be invited to do a Q&A at the end of their film.
Our goal is to give more opportunity to filmmakers creating new Genres as: